Have A “Lucy” Weekend

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What are you up to this weekend? Not too much here, except for homework, and music in the background. Speaking of music have you heard of Lucy Rose? She has an amazing fresh voice. Take a listen to her song. Also, here are some links from around the web you might enjoy…

YouTube Preview Image


Baby links pendent.


New From the Michael Kors collection.


Do you remember this growing up?


Cute “pointer” keds.


Taco Wraps.


Cozy backyard, with custom furniture.







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Comfortable & Classy

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How about a Taylor Swift look for today. She always seems to have a fun, yet classy style. The nice thing about this particular outfit, is that it is comfortable. From the soft lightweight sweater, to the A-line skirt, to the tennis- shoes. You really can’t go wrong. Often times, I will see outfits online or in a store window, that require a pair of heels, or wedges to complete the look. Don’t get me wrong, I love heels and wedges, especially because I am short, but sometimes it’s nice to look sophisticated without having to wear the uncomfortable shoes.

   Click sweater for more info.

Click A-line skirt for more info.

Click Keds for more info.




Image Source: pinterest, express.com, shoproxx.com, keds.com






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My 29th Birthday

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Time is a non renewable resource.  We only have a certain amount of days on this earth, and only our Heavenly Father knows how many that will be. Today is my 29th birthday, and birthdays have a way of making that abundantly clear. I try and make it a personal goal of mine, not to live for the next big moment, but rather live in my current situation, where I’m at, right  here and now. I still have future hopes and dreams, but right now is pretty wonderful, even with all it’s many imperfections. Today I want to leave you with a quote that is near and dear to my heart right now…

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.” – Earl Nightingale


….And here is one more picture, because I could not decide which picture to use.

Oh and the “Happy Birthday” sign behind me was made by my sweet sister, for my 25th birthday, just a little FYI.





Image Source: Tabbitha for Turnip Tootsie


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The Capybara

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Take a look at these adorable capybara, whom originate from South America. Their closest relative is the  guinea pig. They get up to about 100lbs, and if want one, make sure you get at least two, as the capybara lives in groups of about 20 in the wild.  Capybaras are also semiautomatic, so you’re going to need a nice big pool in your backyard! Take a look at these adorable capybara…

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Image Source: google images

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Jump roping It’s A Game Changer

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Did you jump-rope when your were little, out at recess, or in P.E class? I did. I wasn’t very good, but I loved it. Until recently, I don’t think I had jumped-rope since the 6th grade. Now, I consider myself pretty active. I like yoga, I take long walks regularly, and I have a workout routine. However, doing these activities have never toned my legs, quite like jump-roping has. I was shaving my legs when I noticed. As humbly as I can state this, I thought, “Man whose legs are these, they are so toned and firm.” I added jump-roping to my workout routine about a month ago, just wanting to get some cardio (believe me you’ll get that too), but the toned legs have been an added bonus. You might be thinking “Duh, you’re using your legs to jump.” But, I use my legs for squats, monkey squats, lunges, walking long distances, and have never had results like I have with jump-roping.


I use a speed rope . You can find them at your local fitness store, and it shouldn’t cost you more than $10, if it does, you are looking at the wrong kind. If you decided to start jump-roping let me give you a few pointers… The first day I started, I decided to jump for 5 consecutive minutes (VERY BAD CHOICE). The next day when I woke up I had so much pain in my calves, I could not walk. This lasted for two days. I recommend you start at 30 seconds to 1 minute, depending on how active you are, and as you get better add time. I try to jump 5 days a week. Jump with tennis-shoes on, so you are protecting your knees and feet. There are many ways to jump-rope, but to start out, I would do whatever feels comfortable and natural to you. Then as you get better you can take a look online to see all the varieties and different ways to jump. Good luck to you!


PS Jump roping is a total body workout, you’ll burn calories, which can lead to wight loss. It works your back, arms and of course, legs!





Image Source: pinterest, amazon.com

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