Have Friendly Weekend

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What are your little plans for this weekend? I am giving a speech on Monday, that said there will be a lot of practicing for me, this weekend. Did you hear that Friends is coming to Netflix January 1st! You can find out more about that here. I know that seems far out but believe me it will be here before we know it. Here are some fun things to check out…


Can you find the doggie?


Beautiful Bouclé Sweater.


Acorn soup.


How to make a beautiful doormat for fall.


Plush cozy robe.


This purse reminds me more of a lamb then a purse.


Denim Raybans!



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Feelin’ The High-Waisted Jeans

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I am just really feeling High-waisted jeans right now. There is something refreshing about knowing the “whale tail” will never show in theses! This particular par is a little 80’s mixed with the current time, due to fact that they are a skinny jean. I have heard that some of you despise the skinny jean; but they have been my best friend because I am so short and boot cut takes away what little height I have. So for me I wish the skinny jean would never go out of style!

For more info or to buy these jeans click H&M.



Image Source: H&M.com

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Darling Items

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Have you ever stopped by the website store Everything But Water? They have some darling items! The above cuff bracelet spells out women in braille.  Here are a few other items from Everything but water…



Great ombre scarf for fall and winter.




Fantastic Flats.


Pink Crystal necklace.



I love finding shops and online stores, that aren’t main stream, yet have wonderful and unique hidden treasures. I’d love to know, what are some of your favorite “small time” stores?


Image Source: Everything but Water

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An Oldie But A Goodie

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The song Sailing by Christopher Cross, has been a favorite song of my for a long time. It’s an oldie but a goodie, for sure! Have you heard it before?

YouTube Preview Image


Have A wonderful fall Tuesday!


PS What do you think about these cloud slippers? They look like heaven to me!


Image Source: google images

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International Dreams

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Do you ever watch  House Hunters International (you can find it on Netflix)? Chris and I love this show. I think it’s because, over our past 10 years of being married we have been somewhat nomadic; a little less than 3 years, is the longest we have ever stayed somewhere. We lived in bigish houses and small apartments, we’ve lived in the super cold and the super hot, we’ve lived having a lot and we’ve lived having a little. Over the past 10 years I have come to the conclusion that I’d rather live simply and travel the world, then have a big beautiful home and not get the chance to travel as much as I’d like. Sure in my dream world I’d have both! If you had to choose would you have the big beautiful home or would you travel? Here are some pics of my past living in different places and different spaces….

Living in Puerto Rico for the first time in 2007


Living in Savannah, Georgia 2008


Living in Colorado 2008-2011


Living in Hawaii 2011-2012


Living in Texas 2012-????

It will be exciting to see where we will be headed next, after Chris graduates from college this May (2015)




****Note to self, must get more pictures of Chris and I together with some Texas scenery!



Image Source: Chris, Tabbitha, and other family members

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