Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

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Hey there, today the love of my life, my amazing husband, Chris has a post for you! I’ll see ya tomorrow. And without further ado…

Hello Turnips! This is Tabbitha’s husband Chris. Today I am making my blog debut because, Tabbitha has been so busy with her crazy winter class she is taking. I want to share with you all a place I thought was pretty awesome and all decked out for Christmas. Do you have any Christmas traditions? Do you stay home and have Christmas with your family? Do you travel to be with family? We love our Christmas traditions but occasionally like to change it up a bit. Some of you might remember a movie called Christmas with The Kranks staring Tim Allen & Jamie Lee Curtis. The couple in this movie decide to take a Christmas cruise to shake things up and well it does not go according to plan. This is a funny and wonderful movie and must see, at Christmas time. A few years ago Tabbitha and I decided to take a vacation during Christmas and we went on a cruise and it was fantastic. Just dreaming of the next great future Christmas trip, I came across what I thought would be a wonderful place to visit during Christmas! What could be more magical than Disney World at Christmas.

Here is a link to their website.

YouTube Preview Image


  1. Chris, great job filling in for the little woman! I hope to spend Christmas with you two in Disney World some day! xoxo “The Mama”

  2. Do you know what’s more wonderful then going to Disney world during Christmas?!…. Taking your awesome nephew and his parents with you!!

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